Eastern Suburbs Pain Clinic is a specialist chronic pain management service based at The Prince of Wales Private Hospital. Each member of the team is a highly skilled chronic pain management specialist with many years experience working in both public hospitals and the private system.

Chronic pain is a complex problem that is different for everyone who struggles with it. For this reason the Eastern Suburbs Pain Clinic team are drawn from a broad range of disciplines.

The current team is:

Dr Matthew Crawford – Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Specialist
Dr Louise Crowle – Occupational Physician
Dr Raj Anand – Rheumatologist and Pain Medicine Specialist

Dr Robert Reznik – Psychiatrist
Dr George Jacobs – Psychiatrist
Brian Kearney – Clinical Psychologist
Johnny Kang – Physiotherapist

What to expect:

Initially you will see one of our medical specialists. They will examine you and assess your pain, which will include talking about how the pain impacts on your life. Following this they will look at medical and non-medical options and may refer you to other members of the team.

The medical specialist you see will also discuss your case with the rest of the team and decide whom else you might benefit from seeing. We find that working with several of the team at the same time is the best way to get the best outcome for you. In our experience chronic pain is best dealt with from this ‘multidisciplinary’ approach. There is also a significant amount of research that supports this way of working.

It is likely that you have had pain for quite some time and have most likely seen a range of other professionals and services. It is also likely that the pain has had an impact across many aspects of your life. Rest assured, however, that there are many things that can happen to improve things, and there are many things we can do to help across the full range of problems you are experiencing. Sometimes it may can a while, but in our experience things can and often do improve in your life even though you have pain. For example, we offer a wide range of treatments for medical interventions, medications, physiotherapy, psychology, and psychiatry, or any combination of these.

We are happy to see people with workers compensation and motor vehicle accident claims. We have extensive experience helping people who have claims in these areas.

If you are not covered by one of the above schemes, and wish to be seen as a private patient, you will need a referral from your general practitioner for your initial appointment to see a medical specialist.