The specialty of Infectious Diseases (ID) involves the clinical assessment and management of patients with acute and chronic infections. ID specialists are consultant physicians with varying levels of training in clinical microbiology.  Given the impact of infections across all body systems and the use of antimicrobials by all doctors, ID specialists are consulted by all other clinical disciplines.  

In the ambulatory setting the most common consultations referred to ID specialists include:

  • Patients with unexplained febrile illness.
  • Specific groups of patients with complex and complicated infections including immunocompromised hosts, recently hospitalised patients, recent travelers and immigrants.
  • Patients with recurrent infections.
  • Patients with chronic infections requiring specialist advice on antimicrobial treatment and other treatment options.

The ID specialists working in the Specialist Consulting Randwick Rooms do not provide consultations on prophylaxis and vaccinations for overseas travel or sexual health.