Dr Charlotte Johnstone is a pain medicine specialist and an anaesthetist who has been been working in pain medicine for 15 years. Her interests include acute pain, persistent (chronic) pain, and pain in the elderly. She is also a senior conjoint lecturer at The University of New South Wales.

Her pain medicine practice at The Prince of Wales Private Hospital enables her to consult with patients in Suite 20, and perform in-hospital procedures as required. Dr Johnstone also works in the pain clinic at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and at The Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital  Charlotte manages the acute pain service as well as performing anaesthesia.

How the team treats chronic pain

Research has shown who is at risk of chronic pain and the range of predisposing factors, which are physical, psychological and social. This can be bidirectional in that not only do these factors cause pain, they can also result from chronic pain. Focusing on any one of these factors at the expense of the others is one of the commonest mistakes made in our health care system. It can aggravate and perpetuate the problem and unnecessarily stigmatize the person with the pain. 

We offer a range of pain treatments including interventional treatments such as epidurals, facet joint injections and sympathetic blocks. She has a special interest in stimulation for the management of persistent pain.

Medications are sometimes required to manage pain. Charlotte rarely prescribes any that have addictive properties, for example, opiates and benzodiazepines. 

In the clinic at The Prince of Wales Hospital Charlotte works with a team of specialists from pain medicine, rehabilitation and occupational medicine. Best-practice care for chronic pain is recognized to be interdisciplinary. Hence,  it is likely that you will be  referrred  to a pain medicine psychiatrist or a psychologist and a physiotherapist.

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