Dr Louise Evans is a Consultant Physician specialising in Clinical Immunology and Allergy. She is a Visiting Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Allergy Clinic, a Staff Specialist in Clinical Immunology at Liverpool Hospital, has a private practice at The Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Suite 20 and is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer in Medicine at The University of New South Wales. 

Louise’s major clinical interests include Food and Environmental Allergies,      Immunotherapy,Urticaria, Anaphylaxis, Drug Allergies, Eczema, Autoimmunity and Immunodeficiency. She has also maintained a strong research interest in Viral Immunology and acts as an advisor for several International Clinical Trials. She was a previous State Representative for The Australasian Society for Clinical Immunology and Allergy and continues to be involved in this professional body for Allergists and Immunologists in Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Evans utilizes a number scientifically validated allergy testing techniques including skin prick testing, intradermal testing for drug allergies, in vitro testing for food and environmental allergen specific IgE and molecular allergology, patch testing for delayed hypersensitivity and food and drug challenges.